2020 4L & Diamond S Rodeo       scheduled has be updated.

Event seating-                                              Yellow sections are General Admission.   Seats in sections 101,102, 103, 109, 110 and 111 are bleachers.  Seats in sections 203- 208 are theater seats. Forum

price for General admission is $18  Advanced tickets sold at other locations for General admission are $15                                                                                                    Green sections 104-108 are theater seats and are the Wrangler VIP Seating.   Ticket stubs from this section allows admission to the Wrangler Vip room for Discounted Concessions and free pop corn.  Early arrivers from 6:30 to 7:00 with Wrangler Vip tickets will have the opportunity to meet Bull Fighters, Fanny man Rudy Burns and bull riders.  Forum prices for Wrangler VIP Seating is $28.  Advanced tickets sold at other locations is $25 

            Advanced Ticket Locations

             United Community Banks
Summerville, Adairsville and Mt. Berry

                 Sam's Burger Deli


         West Express (new location)
                     Mt. Berry Square
               Haney Farm and Ranch
         Lavender Mountain Hardware 

      Mathis Trailers & Equipment Sales

            Rome, GA and Leesburg, AL


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