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Tricky Ricky - Born To Buck

A Children's Book By Wanda Lowry

Tricky Ricky, a young bull calf, tells his own story.  When Tricky Ricky found out that the stock contractor was counting on him to grow up to be a champion bucking bull just like his dad, he practiced his tricks and dreamed of making the 4L Rodeo herd another fine bull.

You see not all new born calves come into this world with a destiny to buck but Tricky Ricky was born to buck.  This calf belongs to rodeo stock contractor Charlie Lowry of the 4L Rodeo Co. in Summerville, Georgia.

Tricky Ricky's mother was a daughter of Achey Breaky Heart, a bull from the 4L herd that was chosen to go to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in 1998.  Rowdy Ricky, another 4L bull and the father of Tricky Ricky, made trips to the WNFR in Las Vegas in 1999, 2000, and 2001.

Tricky Ricky was born in December of 2000.  He made his debut on the PRCA circuit at Dade City, FL rodeo in January of 2004.  He was ridden his first trip out, but stepped it up a notch the next performance by bucking off the 2003 PRCA Southeastern Circuit average bull riding winner. Only time will tell if the dreams of the young bull come true.

Wanda Lowry was born in Houston, Mississippi in 1948.  While in college the education major's roommate introduced her to rodeo cowboy, Charlie Lowry.  In 1969 the couple were married.  For years they traveled the rodeo circuit, Charlie competing, Wanda cheering him on from the grand stands.  

In 1985 4L Rodeo Co. was formed.  Now Wanda the mother of two children and an elementary school teacher found herself in a new roll as a rodeo secretary.  She would teach all week, leaving with the 3:15 bell on Friday, driving madly to get to the location of the 4L Rodeo where she would full fill her duties as the rodeo secretary.  In 2000 Wanda decided to give up at least one occupation.  She retired from teaching.

Wanda and her husband reside on a three hundred acre farm in Summerville, GA where they run their rodeo stock contracting company.  Even though Wanda doesn't compete in rodeos she has grown to love the sport.  Writing a children's book related to the world of rodeo seemed a natural step.

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